Nobody knows for certain just exactly how many naturists there are on the planet, but the numbers of those appreciating a clothing optional lifestyle appear to be growing.

Sadly, naturism still carries a stigma, created mostly of ignorance of the truth. To some naturists are well meaning but somewhat dotty people, who meander nude through wooded glades, pausing in catalogue poses behind strategically placed leaves. To others, they may be wrong hedonists, congregating in mixed groups to enjoy pleasures of the flesh in orgy situations not seen since Caesar hung up his laurels. Or they are perverts attempting to corrupt the 'normal'way of life. As together with the vast majority of biases predicated on lies, misunderstandings and half truths, the truth of life for the typical naturist is extremely different really.

What follows is designed to put right a number of the misapprehensions, play devil's advocate with a few of the prejudices, and hopefully convince you that naturism can be of advantage to everyone - even you!


Well it may be said that we're all naturists under our clothing! Naturists come out of every walk of life. You don't have to have taken illegal substances during the sixties, have every record Bob Dylan ever made, or have named your offspring Moonchild and Rucksack. Naturists might be doctors, lawyers, housewives, checkout helpers, teachers, priests - rich, poor, blue collar, white-collar, self employed, unemployed... anyone could be a naturist. The sole qualification needed is a genuine need to relish a clothes optional lifestyle!


Men, have you ever ever been to a tailor to be fitted for trousers and been asked what side you 'dress' on? Why do they do this? Just because most guys understand that in case you get this wrong, it might be somewhat uncomfortable! Any girl who's ever worn a bra will understand that lifting and separating might give a pleasing outline through a jumper, but that the directions might as well say pinch and strangulate. Clothing often force the body into shapes and positions which don't feel natural. How many guys truly appreciate wearing a collar and tie? Just how many women have pulled on a girdle since they really wanted to? The next time you've dressed yourself up to the nines, take a peek in the mirror when you've taken everything off. Take a look at the crease marks around your waist from the belt that was too tight, or the deep gouges in your shoulders from your own wonderbra, or the ribs around your shins from socks, and the redness of your little toes which were crushed into vogue shoes.

Nudity is the most natural thing in the world. Despite the fact that the catwalks of the fashion capitals would have us believe that we cannot do without their latest creations, we are all born naked! There are those, of course, who would no doubt favor all baby boys to emerge pre-clad in a three-piece worsted business suit, and baby women to pop out wearing pinafore dresses and woollen tights. We are now living in a society that has grown to view the human body as something to be covered - even ashamed of. Naturism takes the opposite viewpoint. It sees your body as good, ordinary, changed - and something that only needs covering if the owner wants to cover it. There's nothing lewd, crude or distasteful concerning the unclothed body.


Given that naturists are representative of the people as a whole, then it's completely possible that we amount an strange sex maniac amongst us. The law of averages makes it likely there are also several fetishists, a healthy quota of gay men and lesbians, one or two celibates along with some of free love exponents. There are probably also quite a few naturists who acquire a sexual thrill from dressing up! But all of the ignores one very important point: NATURISM HAS NOTHING RELATED TO SEX.

It is a little like kissing. A kiss may be a sexual act - but it also can have many other meanings: a gesture of friendship, a welcome, a way of saying goodbye, a reassuring gesture - or, in case you reside in Hollywood and practise the airkiss it can mean anything from 'fancy seeing you here' to 'drop dead, bitch'! You learn very fast what's appropriate and inappropriate, depending on your own audience. If you are alone havin
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