because they appeared in public naked 'as a sign.' George Fox and other leaders defended the practic

felt it a religious duty to do this. . . . The idea of such a sign came seemingly from Isaiah's walking 'naked and
barefoot three years' (Isaiah 20:2,3)." 252 The Doukhobors, a radical Christian sect, used nudity as a social demonstration in
Canada in the early 1900s.253 Paul Ableman records that "In May, 1979, Emperor Bokassa . . . a minor Central
African tyrant, detained a large number of kids on charges of sedition and massacred some of them. According to
The Guardian (London) of 18 May, 'Hundreds of women demonstrated nude outside the prison until the survivors
were released.'" 254
In the 1920s, as part of a widening rebellion against genteel society, the size of bathing suits began to
Decrease. Nude beaches, reaching their height of popularity in the 1970s, are the supreme effect of this procedure of
social emancipation. The free body movement in general in the 1970s meet this social and historic pattern. Examples
Comprise casual nudity at Woodstock; "bare-in" demonstrations; along with a record-setting demonstration by Athens,
Georgia university students on March 7, 1974, when more than 1500 went nude on their college campus. It required
tear gas to produce the students dress.255
Historical origins of the repression of nudity.
167. Repressive morality was developed by the state and also the Church as a tool to maintain control over
otherwise free people.256
Paul Ableman writes: "A complex civilization has an enormous investment in differentiated clothing. It is
no accident that one of the very first issues a radical regime turns its attention to is clothes. The French
Revolution decreed classical elegance and simplicity. The Chinese homogenized clothes. The Ayatollah Khomeini in
boobs at the beach returned women to the black chador and so forth. . . . Sexual energy is required by of the planet to
maintain order. . . . beach teen pusy becomes obvious why the accurate obscenity of killing and violence has always been
of less concern to those in power compared to the pseudo-obscenity of sexual actions. Death provides no scope for a network of
regulations by which society might be controlled. . . . But sex is a long-term fountain of dynamic energy, which can
be harnessed for social purposes by regulations concerning marriage, divorce, infidelity, fornication, incest,
homosexuality, bestiality, chastity, promiscuity, decency and so forth. All individuals who wield power intuitively perceive
that in the last resort their ability derives from the repression, and regulation, of sexuality, and that free-flowing
sexuality is the biological equivalent of anarchy. Hello Kate and naturist staff, Hllo my buffs I am hoping you enjoy this contri. It was wonderfull for me... This is the very first part of two. Vote me plese, and write me a great deal of message with your e-mail address... Thanks a lot Wet kiss to all. Yours Elise Ciao a tutti, Spero vi piaccia questo contributo almeno quanto e piaciuto a me realizzarlo. Mi sono divertita molto, anche pensando a tutti I commenti e i voti che avrei ricevuto. E un servizio fatto in due parti Votatemi e scrivetemi tanti messaggi cerchero di rispondere a piu persone possibili, quindi lasciate sempre lindirizzo email. Vi alleghero anche qualche foto inedita se non vi scoccia. Un bacio umido a tutti voi e grazie del vostro affetto e calore. Elise
All transferrals of power, all revolutions, are invariably
accompanied by transformations of the regulations governing sexuality." 257 Seymour Fisher writes: "The
implications of nudity as a means of declaring one's complete freedom have frequently evoked powerful countermeasures
from those in power. Nudity is punishable by death in some cultures. The Roman Catholic church has taught in
convent schools it is sinful to expose your body even to y
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