Why a video must exude psychological response to go viral

If you are a video blogger or you have a channel around the most popular video sharing websites, chances are you have watched the damn daniel video and wondering why is a video go viral. Basically, you won't ever get a good response to this because some videos go viral for the best insane reasons. But regardless of whether you make a video in the best way possible or utilise all the rules inside the book, without a doubt is that the psychological response and social motivation of an video is the reason why the video go viral. In other words, how the content in the video is really a viewer feel and why the viewer wants to share the video can make it go viral.


If concentration of feeling in the video or its content articles are greatly evoked, likelihood of more people sharing the video are high. Additionally, a video probably will go viral based on the people that share it. In reality, many videos that go viral usually are shared by way of a minority of people. Once this minority of people shares the recording, it usually creates a flux of shares all over the internet. Social motivation is definitely one of the major main reasons why people share videos. From the Damn Daniel, the video elicited emotional response because a lot of the people that shared it thought it evoked humor.


Although a few people believe the length of videos matters to produce the video go viral, this is not always the case. Providing the video exudes psychological response and social motivation, the video will go viral in spite of its length. For Damn Daniel to become back at it again, the video will need to evoke many positive responsive because this will be the sole method in which the content within the video will resonate again. The overall reaction of the recording should be more intense. If this happens, the recording will go viral in just days.

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