I'll tell Santa Maria di Leuca, one of the most important places of Salento

Santa Maria of Leuca, it’s a stunning location of Salento, and his Sanctuary is dedicated to Madonna, and It is the symbol of the whole Salento;
This Sanctuary is in fact a mix of history, legends and devotion. It is said that here is St. Pietro arrived coming from the Holy Land in Italy, to go to Rome.

The sanctuary has its roots in Christianity, in fact, it is where there was the temple of the goddess Minerva. In fact, it preserves a relic, which is written in Latin : "Ubi olim Minervae sacrificia afferebantur hodie oblationes Deiparae recipiuntur " .
There aren’t official paper documents that speak of the origin of the sanctuary, because the various destructions of the temple they did lose track . The sanctuary was destroyed several times and what we see today was built by Monsignor lannelli in 1720 .
Leuca is reminiscent of the past, at the time of St. Peter , who traveled to Rome, seems to have stopped here and at that time the temple became a place of Christian worship.

The entrance of the sanctuary leuca church, we can admire two large angels, and continuing a large statue of the Madonna.
Continuing we can see a huge statue of Padre Pio and on the left we enter the church, near the main altar, and you can admire the painting of the Madonna and Child, and is the work of the painter Giacomo Palma Junior.

The sides are located six altars.
The organ is from 1885 and is located on the choir dated 1895.

The Sanctuary has been elected to the Basilica nimore October 7, 1990 ; Since then the devotion to the Madonna de Finibus Terrae has increasingly be incremented , so that today it is visited by many pilgrims from all over the world
To the right of the sanctuary , you can see the statue of Pope Benedetto XVI . Leuca, has a big lighthouse, and it’ is 48.60 m high from the base, located 102 m above sea level . It was designed by the engineer Achille Rossi .
Its beam can be seen, in particular meteorological conditions, to more than 40 km.

To get to the top of the lighthouse you need to travel a spiral staircase of 254 steps. Before 1937, the lighthouse was working with Petroleum but after that year has been changed and now works with electricity.

Leuca is also the city of Salento located on the heel of Italy, to the south of the beautiful of "Maldive Salentine".

These beaches are among the most popular in the South of Italy, because in addition to being beautiful places, are very affordable as targets, in terms of price.
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